Denne siden jobbes med av vår hemmelige agent ute i felten.
Inntil Han får sendt inn sitt arbeide, lar jeg den gamle versjonen ligge.
Følg med for oppdateringer.


Tellus For Jordboere, Ikke For Zogwarger
Og Andre Utenom-Jordiske Vesen


Tellus For Human Beings,
Not For Zogwargs And Other Non-Earths we board tha net!!

Aren´t ya scared?

Tha TFJIFZOAUJV-club's stated in tha middle of Norway, north in Europe.
We're very upset 'bout tha easy way those
!¤?¤&!&¤! Zogwargs
seems to have takin' control of our World.
We gotta do somethin' with it!!
...but we need some help.
Please mail me to volunteer.

There's happened a lot, and we'll bring ya,
as the first organization in tha World,
some few examples:

- Charred stone-remains afte' an UFO-landin' in tha -80's are found in Bøfjorden, Surnadal.

- An unknown number of green Zogwargs from March galed out from a blue UFO, and dropped by a house at Tingvoll some years ago. Tha extent became huge; clothes and furnitures were set on fire. Tha victim had no insurance for attack from tha Space at that time, and it became extremely expensive.

- A year later 7 March-men from Saturn invasioned tha room of three Mr'ers. As usual they were asleep, but those uninvited visitors at IMI Vassbotten, Straumsneset, destroyed a bed, refurnished and made hips of mess. An attempt to rake a locker didn't succeed. Tha next day two Mr'ers at tha TenIn-camp, which was held there, tried to find signs of tha destroyers; they even took some of tha place apart. Unfortunately they couldn't find any.

Thee Zogwarg
Her Majesty tha Zogwarg-Queen
Tha same winter "Jostein" (see pic),
who's an Zogwarg from Saturn,
joined a camp with mask and gloves
colored as our skin. His own green,
hidden skin could be seen in special light.
Most kids deplorably became brainwashed.


"Jostein" is sent to Tellus by tha
Zogwarg-queen (see drawin').
His job's to affect tha subconsciouness of youngsters.
This way resistance when his people
immigrates Tellus for real shrinks.

From safe informations we know that tha Zogwargs
wanna be done with their work 'till
so we don't have much time left!

Tha Ein' gei-sert, Zweck-re tio-hal, Master Chief Petty Officer
of tha Navy MCPO and manager
of tha TFJIFZOAUJV-club! :

His name's Tormod, and he's lived most of
his life at a very tiny-tiny-tiny place in a house
far up in tha hills, way long from tha sivilisation.
And that's probably why he doesn't act like
normal teens. Tormod talks in tha mouth of
each other (especially himselves) and often 'bout
tha dramatic situation that developes way too fast
these days. His biggest hope right now, is to get
ya folks out'ere to be aware of this. Tormod has never
given up a fight, and this won't be tha first time.
It shouldn't be that for ya eithe'.


Best wishes for a severe fight against tha green men;
Ein’gei-sert, Zweck-re tio-hal. Master Chief Petty Officer of tha Navy MCPO and manager Tormod Aasbø
Zwiscenraum, wünchelrute, Fleet Chief Petty Officer FCPO and secretary Siv Storløkken